Promotional products have long been a trusted marketing tool, but do they work in business-to-business marketing? Will they work to attract new business from end users, and keep current end users coming back for more?

The short answer is: Yes to all of the above.

Gifts don’t just help in brand promotion. When strategically selected, they can get real results for fluid power distributors.

Here are 4 reasons why promotional gifts should be part of your sales and marketing efforts if they aren’t already.

Reason #1: The Numbers Show They Work

According to a study from the Promotional Products Association International, 94% of people remember where they got a promotional gift.

The study also shows that:

  • 83% of consumers like to get promotional products that have an advertising message
  • 85% percent of those who receive gifts do business with the advertiser
  • 50% percent of the surveyed consumers will keep the gift items from one year to four years.

The study also showed 89% of the consumers remembered the advertiser’s name or company name for 2 years after getting the items. The products also draw 500% more referrals from customers who like the gifts. Which leads us to the second reason…

Reason #2: You’ll Increase Brand Recognition and Recall

Brand recognition and recall is when customers can identify your company right away, remember your logo and match your products with your name. This is a big deal with end users who may have many distributors to choose from.

According to, 71.6% of individuals who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.

Promotional gifts help end users connect with your brand on a deeper level. If the promotional gift is relevant and useful for customers, they will hold onto it and keep it on their desk or carry it around with them. This is different from business cards, which often get thrown in a drawer and forgotten.

Reason #3: Relevant, High-Quality Gifts Reflect on Your Company’s Reputation

Promotional gifts drive end user loyalty. However, it’s important to make sure that your promotional gifts are relevant, high-quality, and well-branded.

When you give a premium quality item to a new end user, they will remember you as a high-quality business. Blend this with excellent customer service and it keeps end users coming back for more.

Seventy-two percent of consumers believe that the quality of a promotional gift reflects the company’s reputation, according to Promotional Products Association International.

Reason #4: Promotional Gifts Beat Ads for Views & Cost

When a company advertises on social media, TV, or billboards, that ad is in front of your eyes for seconds. Useful, high-quality promotional gifts can be seen for minutes, hours, months, and even years. End users can see them—and, if they are relevant, they may use them—every day.

Every day, customers will sip from promotional mugs, write with promotional pens and save work onto promotional flash drives. Promotional Products Association International data shows customers tend to keep these products for up to two years. That’s a two-year commercial that one person sees every day.

According to research, 76.1% of people who receive promotional products tend to remember the advertiser’s name if they received a gift within the past year. On the other hand, out of people who saw a magazine ad a week ago, only 53.5% could remember the advertiser’s name.


Promotional products are powerful tools for fluid power distributors and can drive end users to your business in a cost-effective way. They can grow brand recognition and help you expand the reach of your products or services to a larger audience. They’re also great for building a customer base and driving customer perceptions about the quality of your brand.

Harvey Morrell
Harvey Morrell

A seasoned expert in the fluid power industry, Harvey is passionate about providing outstanding service to his customers. His professional goal is to genuinely invest in the customer’s best interest and provide a level of service that is simply unequaled in the market.