We offer a variety of shipping options to accommodate your specific requirements. Our network of shipping partners allows us the flexibility to get your order to you as quickly as needed, including same day delivery.

With our commitment to serving only the hydraulic sales and service industry, your customer’s identity is safe with us. We offer a true blind drop shipment option. We’ll ship your order directly to your customer, with your name as the shipper, and absolutely no evidence that the package came from us.

Our shipping people know how important your order is, and they’ll make sure it gets where it’s needed, when it’s needed, every time. All of our items are packaged in heavy-duty boxes, secured using a foam fill to prevent damage, and sealed with reinforced tape. We take these extra measures to make sure your order reaches its destination in the perfect condition it left us in.

We make it easy for you to track your package and provide your customer with shipping charges. Our invoice, which provides shipping charges and tracking details are faxed to your location the following morning of the original shipment.