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Due to growing demand and machine manufacturers consistently choosing them for use on new products, Hydraulics Parts Source can now help you service your customers needs in the most popular pressure-compensated piston pumps the Bosch-Rexroth Group offers, the A10VSO series.

Since we also offer repair on Proportional valves, we are your one stop shop for repairing the SYDFEE series using the A10VSO DFEE proportional controls as well.

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    ManufacturerPart #Description
    Rexroth RX-00000001AA10VSO28DFLR/31R-PKC62N00
    Rexroth RX-00000002AA10VSO28DRG/30R-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-00000004AA10VSO140DR/31R-PKD62K38
    Rexroth RX-00000016A10V O100 SHAFT "S" N -THRU
    Rexroth RX-00000132FRE10-41/50LB
    Rexroth RX-0000015PR4-30/200-700RA12M01
    Rexroth RX-0000016A10VSO100DFR/31R-PUC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000017A10VO45DFR/52L-PUC62N00
    Rexroth RX-00000190810091497
    Rexroth RX-0000020A10VSO100 DFR/31R-PKC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000021A10VO28DR/31R-PSC62K01
    Rexroth RX-0000022A10V O45 END CAP - CW - 64N00/52
    Rexroth RX-0000025A10V O28 52 DESIGN SEAL KIT
    Rexroth RX-0000026A10VSO45DFR/31R-PKA12K25
    Rexroth RX-0000028A10VO28DR/31R-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000030A10VSO45DFR/31R-PKC62K04
    Rexroth RX-0000033A10V-DR/DFR COMP ORIFICE PLUG
    Rexroth RX-0000037A10VSO28DFLR/31R-PKC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000042AV10V O100 VALVE BLOCK 12K01/K52 RH
    Rexroth RX-0000044DB30-2-52/315XY/12
    Rexroth RX-0000045A10VO45DFLR/31R-PSC12N00
    Rexroth RX-0000047A10VO140FE1/31R-PSD12K07
    Rexroth RX-0000048A10VO140FE1D/31L-PSD12K24
    Rexroth RX-00000494WS2EM10-45/10B2ET315K8M3
    Rexroth RX-0000050AA10VSO71DRG/31R-PKC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000051AA10VSO71DFR/31R-VKC92N00
    Rexroth RX-0000053A10VSO10DFR1/52R-PKC64N00
    Rexroth RX-0000054A10V O60 CRADLE - RH
    Rexroth RX-0000055A10V O60 CRADLE BEARING A
    Rexroth RX-0000056A10V O60 CRADLE BEARING B
    Rexroth RX-0000058A10V O60 CRADLE BEARING SCREW
    Rexroth RX-0000059AA10VSO71DR/31L-PKC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000061A10VO28DRG/31L-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000062A10V O71 VALVE BLOCK - LH -94 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000063A10V O71 VALVE BLOCK - RH -94 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000064A10V O100 LOCK NUT
    Rexroth RX-0000065A10V O100 ACORN NUT
    Rexroth RX-0000068A10V O100 SHAFT KEY - STANDARD
    Rexroth RX-0000069A10V O140 LOCK NUT
    Rexroth RX-0000070A10V O140 ACORN NUT
    Rexroth RX-0000073A10V O140 SHAFT KEY -STANDARD
    Rexroth RX-0000074A10V O140 (K) KEYED SHAFT - THRU
    Rexroth RX-0000075A10V O140 VALVE BLOCK - RH 62 PORTING THRU DRIVE
    Rexroth RX-0000077A10VSO71DFR/31R-PPA12KB2
    Rexroth RX-0000078A10VSO18DR/31R-PPA12N00
    Rexroth RX-0000079A10V O28 KEY - METRIC
    Rexroth RX-0000080A10V O28 KEY - STANDARD
    Rexroth RX-0000085A10V O45 SHAFT KEY - STANDARD
    Rexroth RX-0000086A10V O45 SHAFT KEY - METRIC
    Rexroth RX-0000087A10V O71 VALVE BLOCK BEARING SHIM
    Rexroth RX-0000089A10V O45 VALVE BLOCK - LH 12 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000090A10V O18 DRIVE SHAFT - K TYPE
    Rexroth RX-0000091A10V O18 ACORN NUT
    Rexroth RX-0000092A10V O18 LOCK NUT
    Rexroth RX-0000094A10V O10-O100 BONDED SEAL
    Rexroth RX-0000095A10VO71DFR1/31R-PKC91N00
    Rexroth RX-0000098A10V O18 VALVE BLOCK - LH 62 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000099A10V O18 LENS PLATE-MOBILE
    Rexroth RX-0000100A10V O28 LENS PLATE MOBILE
    Rexroth RX-0000101A10V O28 DRIVE SHAFT-K THRU DRIVE
    Rexroth RX-0000103A10V O18 VALVE BLOCK - LH 12 PORTING METRIC
    Rexroth RX-0000104A10V O18 VALVE BLOCK - LH THRU DRIVE 12 PORTING K01/K40/K42
    Rexroth RX-0000105A10V O18 VALVE BLOCK - LH THRU DRIVE 62 PORTING K01/K40/K42
    Rexroth RX-0000110A10V O45 LENS PLATE-MOBILE
    Rexroth RX-0000111A10V O45 VALVE BLOCK - LH 52 SERIES
    Rexroth RX-0000112A10V O71 LENS PLATE - MOBILE
    Rexroth RX-0000116A10V O28 COUPLING K52/KB2 10T X 11T
    Rexroth RX-0000117A10V O45 COUPLING K02/K68 13T X 13T
    Rexroth RX-0000118A10V O45 COUPLING K04/KB4 13T X 15T
    Rexroth RX-0000121A10V O45 COUPLING 13T X 10T
    Rexroth RX-0000122A10V O45 COUPING K26 13T X ST. KEY
    Rexroth RX-0000123A10V O45 COUPING 13T X 13T
    Rexroth RX-0000127A10V O71 COUPLING K27 15T X ST. KEY
    Rexroth RX-0000128A10V O71 COUPLING K04/KB4 15T X 15T
    Rexroth RX-0000129A10V O71 COUPLING K52/KB2 15T X 11T
    Rexroth RX-0000130A10VSO28DFR/31R-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000131A10VSO28DFR/31L-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000132A10VSO28DFLR/31R-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000133A10VSO28DFLR/31R-PPA12N00
    Rexroth RX-0000135A10VSO18DFR/31R-PUC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000136A10VSO18DFR/31L-VSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000138A10VSO18DFLR/31R-PPA12N00
    Rexroth RX-0000139A10VSO45DFR/31L-PUC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000140A10VSO45DFLR/31R-PSC62N00
    Rexroth RX-0000142A10VSO45DFLR/31R-PSC12N00
    Rexroth RX-0000143A10VSO45DFR/52L-PSC64N00
    Rexroth RX-0000144A10V O71 COUPLING K51
    Rexroth RX-0000145A10V O71 VALVE BLOCK - LH 62 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000148A10V O71 VALVE BLOCK - RH METRIC 12 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000149A10V O71 VALVE BLOCK - LH METRIC 12 PORTING
    Rexroth RX-0000152A10V O28 VALVE BLOCK - LH 62 PORTING THR
    Rexroth RX-0000153A10V O28 VALVE BLOCK - LH 12 PORTING THR
    Rexroth RX-0000155A10V O18 CONTROL VALVE-DFLR
    Rexroth RX-0000156A10V O45 VALVE BLOCK - LH 62 - K02-K06
    Rexroth RX-0000157A10V O45 VALVE BLOCK - LH 12 - K01
    Rexroth RX-0000159A10V O100 LENS PLATE - MOBILE
    Rexroth RX-0000162A10V O100 DRIVE SHAFT - "U" 14T
    Rexroth RX-0000164A10V O100 DRIVE SHAFT - "U" THRU DRIVE
    Rexroth RX-0000165A10V O100 COUPLING K27 18T X ST KEY