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    ManufacturerPart #Description
    Denison D-S24-69066T6EE 072 REAR CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-69067T6EE 072 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW REAR
    Denison D-S24-69070T7EE #1 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-69071T6EE #2 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-69072T7EE #3 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-69073T6EE SEAL KIT
    Denison D-S24-69073-5T7EE VITON SEAL KIT
    Denison D-S24-69590T6H20 ROTATING GROUP- CW
    Denison D-S24-69762T6EES #5 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-69822T7EE ROTOR
    Denison D-S24-72351T7DDS SEAL KIT
    Denison D-S24-72351-5T7DDS SEALKIT
    Denison D-S24-72352T7DDS #1 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-72353T6DDS #2 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-72357T6DDCS SEAL KIT
    Denison D-S24-72358T6DDCS #1 SHAFT ASSEMBLY
    Denison D-S24-72699-0T7BBR SEAL KIT
    Denison D-S24-72839T6HC SEAL KIT
    Denison D-S24-72881T7B B14 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW
    Denison D-S24-72910T67CB B09 CARTRIDGE KIT REAR - CW
    Denison D-S24-73783T67DC ROTOR
    Denison D-S24-73946T6EES M72 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW REAR
    Denison D-S24-76312T67DCB B14 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW
    Denison D-S24-76314T67DCB B17 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW
    Denison D-S24-76315T7DS B17 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW
    Denison D-S24-76316T67DCB B20 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW
    Denison D-S24-76317T7D B20 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-76322T7DS 028 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-76324T7D B31 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-76326T7D B35 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-76326-5T7DC B31 VITON CARTRIDGE KIT - CW FRONT
    Denison D-S24-76327T7D B35 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW
    Denison D-S24-76328T7DS 038 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-76329T7DS B38 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW
    Denison D-S24-76330T7D B42 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW
    Denison D-S24-76331T7D 042 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW
    Denison D-S24-76334T7D B42 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW
    Denison D-S24-76913T7D REAR ROTOR (SMALL HOLE)
    Denison D-S24-76933-0T67CCAY CODE 3 SHAFT ASSY
    Denison D-S24-76934-0T67CCAY SEAL KIT S1
    Denison D-S24-76967T7DB B20 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW
    Denison D-S24-76969T7D B22 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW (P1)
    Denison D-S24-76971T7D B24 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW
    Denison D-S24-76971-5T67DC B24 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW - VITON
    Denison D-S24-76973T67DC B28 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW - (P1)
    Denison D-S24-76974T7DD B28 CARTRIDGE KIT - CCW
    Denison D-S24-76975T7DD B31 CARTRIDGE KIT - CW - (P1)
    Denison D-S24-76976T67DC/DDC T7DB/DD P1 CRT ASSY. B31 CCW
    Denison D-S24-76977T67DC B35 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW - (P1)