Denison Hydraulic Products

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Denison is known for their high pressure, high quality fluid power products. Now part of the Parker-Hannifin Corporation, many Denison units are considered obsolete with few options in the way of drop in replacements.

We’re always searching for Denison surplus and cores to remanufacture, and we have a healthy stock of Denison’s vane pumps and motors, as well as piston pumps.

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    ManufacturerPart #Description
    Denison D-000004T6DC 041 CARTRIDGE KIT- CW FRONT
    Denison D-000005/00T5C 022 1L00 A1
    Denison D-000006/00T6CC 003 012 1L00 C111
    Denison D-000009/00T6CC 017 025 1R00 A1 00
    Denison D-000013/00T5D 045 1R00 A1
    Denison D-000014M1D 117 23N
    Denison D-000018/00T6CC 022 017 5L00 C110
    Denison D-000020/00T5D 045 1L00 A1
    Denison D-000021/00T6CCM B10 B06 5R00 D101
    Denison D-000022/00T6CC 022 010 2R00 C100
    Denison D-000023/00T6CCW 017 017 2R00 C100
    Denison D-000025/00T5CC 017 022 3L00 A1
    Denison D-000026TMB 012 21N
    Denison D-000030/00T5C 022 2R00 A1
    Denison D-000031/00T6CCM B22 B25 3R00 B100
    Denison D-000032TMB 012 21R2
    Denison D-000033M4SD 113 1N00 A102
    Denison D-000036/00T5CC 014 017 3R00 A14
    Denison D-000037/00T5EC 060 008 1L00 A1
    Denison D-000038M4D 113 1N00 A102
    Denison D-000040/00T5D 035 3L00 C1
    Denison D-000042/00T5C 014 3L00 A1
    Denison D-000042/01T5C 014 3L01 A1
    Denison D-000043/00T5C 014 2L00 A1
    Denison D-000043/01T5C 014 2L01 A1
    Denison D-000044/00T6C 022 2L00 A1
    Denison D-000045M1D 062 23N
    Denison D-000047TMC 012 21R 2
    Denison D-000048T1C 014 21R
    Denison D-000049-0/02T5D 028 1R02 C1
    Denison D-000049/00T5D 028 1R00 C1
    Denison D-000050/00T5D 042 1L00 C1
    Denison D-000051/00T6C 022 1R00 A1
    Denison D-000051/01T6C 022 1R01 A1
    Denison D-000051/02T6C 022 1R02 A1
    Denison D-000053/00T6CCM B10 B08 1L00 C100
    Denison D-000054/00T5CC 010 008 1L00 A1
    Denison D-000054/02T5CC 010 008 1L02 A1
    Denison D-000055/00T5DC 045 022 1R00 B1
    Denison D-000055/03T5DC 045 022 1R03 B1
    Denison D-000057-0T6DCCR B35 B22 B03 3L** A100
    Denison D-000057-0/03T6DCCR B35 B22 B03 3L03 A100
    Denison D-000059/00T5SC 017 3L00 A5
    Denison D-000061-0T6DCCR B28 B22 B25 3R** A100
    Denison D-000062PV20 2R1A C01
    Denison D-000063/00T6C 008 3R00 A1
    Denison D-000063/03T6C 008 3R03 A1
    Denison D-000064T1C 012 23R
    Denison D-000065/00T6C 022 3L00 A1
    Denison D-000066T1C 012 23L