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ManufacturerPart #Description
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16620-0SHAFT KIT
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S2E-18460-5KSEAL KIT XL100 S5 ALL VARIATION
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16602-0ROTARY GROUP
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16624-0PVT47 SEAL KIT
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-X23-04384-0P14S2R1C5A4B000A0M2-04384
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16623SEAL KIT
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16608-0CAM RING
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16611PVT38 CONTROL KIT
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16614PVT38 BIAS KIT
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16600PVT38 ROTATING GROUP - CW
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-16686PV (K) COMPENSATOR
Denison Hydraulic ProductsDenison D-S29-18342REPAIR KIT

How to Choose Servo and Proportional Valve Repair Facilities

Technical expertise is critical in servo and proportional valve repair and very few companies are qualified to do it right. It’s a service that helps distributors save their end-user customers money by repairing servo and proportional valve pumps, rather than replacing them—a more expensive proposition.The complexity and cost of repairs make finding the right servo and proportional valve repair provider key because your customers can’t afford to waste time and...

Core Buy-Back Program

Core Buy-Back Program Learn how you can implement a core purchasing partnership and open a lucrative new revenue stream. 3 WHAT IS A CORE BUY-BACK? Hydraulic Parts Source buys back core surplus and non-moving, obsolete inventory. We turn old units or dead stock into cash. Upon receipt, we evaluate the core inventory, assign value, and offer either an account credit or cut a check for payment. These items are remanufactured and used to replenish and maintain...

8 Checks for Restarting Hydraulic Pumps After Long Shutoff

As hydraulic fluid power industries return to business amid the COVID-19 crisis, it is key to take care when restarting hydraulic machinery that you do not do more harm than good. When hydraulics sit for weeks or months at a time, they need special care before startup. In this article, we will discuss procedures and checks for a more effective startup. CHECK #1: Check That Pump Spins Freely The most important thing to check first on positive displacement pumps is...

6 Key Hydraulic Product Distributor Strengths

As manufacturers search for ways to increase margins, they may eye distributor profit pools. On occasion, a manufacturer might “cut out the middleman” and forge a direct relationship that leaves distributors out in the cold.This is a shortsighted strategy that doesn’t consider the key role distributors—particularly fluid power distributors—continue to play in the hydraulic parts industry.Distributors provide local, on-site, customer support. They are often closer...