Many businesses must decide between remanufactured OE specification exceeding products and aftermarket units. Some choose aftermarket parts to save on cost, but later regret the paying a reduced price for low quality. A flood of aftermarket suppliers has saturated the market based on this short-term thinking.

OE is the opposite of the aftermarket. OE refers to parts with which a unit was originally built, while aftermarket refers to equipment made by another company for use as a replacement.

Aftermarket products are like generic drugs. The active ingredient is the same as that of the patented pharmaceutical. However, quality varies among generics and other ingredients they contain might not interact with the body the same way, sometimes causing side effects.

Opting for aftermarket parts might provide cost savings, but not all aftermarket parts are created equal. Some are lower-quality items . If reputation is at stake, your customer demands a high-quality solution.

Aftermarket products also have a reputation for being more readily available, but often come with quality concerns. HPS only incorporates OE solutions, delivering superior quality. Our enhanced quality comes with convenience, as we offer 30-minute quotes and same-day shipping for our products. Better products and timely service.

HPS uses a remanufacture process that keeps prices below those of new equipment, but provides quality exceeding Original Equipment standards. Companies working with OE standards put years of research and millions of dollars into their product to ensure it performs at the highest level and meets or exceeds customer expectations. The quality of the product is never in doubt.

Once rebuilt, we rigorously test remanufactured products on our state-of the-art test stands to ensure they meet OE specifications so that we know they are going to perform for our customers.

Our quality assurance measures help suppliers sleep at night knowing they are getting the best possible units for the job. No more worries about shutdowns when using aftermarket products with shaky quality records.

At Hydraulic Parts Source, we have chosen to continue to use original core units with “authentic” components when we assemble our pumps, motors and valves. You can trust the quality of our products and rest assured your customers will, too.

Harvey Morrell
Harvey Morrell

A seasoned expert in the fluid power industry, Harvey is passionate about providing outstanding service to his customers. His professional goal is to genuinely invest in the customer’s best interest and provide a level of service that is simply unequaled in the market.