Remanufacturing is part of a welcome evolution in the fluid power industry. Quality expectations rose in the 1990s, sparking a shift from repairs and rebuilds to remanufactures. The out-of-date repair/rebuild process replaced only the worn part and then reassembled the unit. Costs were low, but so was quality. The high fail rate on repaired and rebuilt products gave that industry a bad name.

Fortunately, equipment became more affordable and available, prompting many companies to invest in a shift from repairing to remanufacturing. Instead of replacing just the bad component, remanufacturing replaces the entire unit with one made from an extensive inventory of Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.

We take in complete hydraulic pumps, motors and valve cores and dismantle them. We scrap the inferior parts and send the quality parts to our remanufacturing department, where we clean, strip, resurface and reshape them, keeping them in our inventory where we use them to create new units the moment a customer places an order. The result is high-quality new products built on-demand for our customers at a fraction of the cost of new products.

When hydraulic pumps, motors or valve cores fail, it is usually a single component gone bad. The rest of the unit is often still in good operating condition. Hydraulic Parts Source restores parts in good condition and uses them to create units that exceed OEM specifications.

At HPS, rather than adding a new part to an old unit and rebuilding it, we use our vast inventory of OEM-standard-exceeding parts to create new unit that performs at a higher quality standard than the original specifications.

We inspect and test our remanufactured parts to ensure they adhere to original equipment specifications.

Our confidence in the quality of our products allows us to ship all HPS units with a full-year warranty, matching the protection manufacturers offer.

The HPS remanufacturing process provides solutions across several fronts, including time, cost and quality.

HPS remanufactured units cost significantly less than new items, sometimes as much as 75 percent less.

HPS realizes that time is important most of our products can be shipped the same day you order. HPS also offers “blind shipping,” sending units directly to your client, while preserving your identity as a supplier.

We are committed to providing you with quality products and exemplary service. Your clients demand the best solution. We live it.

Harvey Morrell
Harvey Morrell

A seasoned expert in the fluid power industry, Harvey is passionate about providing outstanding service to his customers. His professional goal is to genuinely invest in the customer’s best interest and provide a level of service that is simply unequaled in the market.