Promises are easy to make, but hard to keep. The same is true for slick slogans. Easy to give, hard to live by.

Our pledges of on time, same-day shipments and high-quality products are rooted in our business culture, an ethic at Hydraulic Parts Source that imbues our staff with the necessary attributes to execute our efficient, quality conscious work processes.

Dedicated employees are a big part of the equation. Our sleek, streamlined, high-performance process is at the core of our quality and service commitments.

We have invited customers to tour our shop and see for themselves. Our guests give positive reviews on our careful and

methodical approach to scanning our products as well as our systematic approach to testing, painting and shipping. Visitors le

ave understanding that the Hydraulic Parts Source way is much less cumbersome than our competition.

Digging deeper, customers also report being impressed with our staff. Several have reported, “They are a pleasure to deal with.” Others have commented that our people have genuine concern for customers and strong knowledge of the industry and its products.

Despite our success and satisfied customers, we won’t rest on our laurels. Hydraulic Parts Source continues forward on our mission of Quality, Service and Commitment. Try us and experience the difference.

Harvey Morrell
Harvey Morrell

A seasoned expert in the fluid power industry, Harvey is passionate about providing outstanding service to his customers. His professional goal is to genuinely invest in the customer’s best interest and provide a level of service that is simply unequaled in the market.