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ManufacturerPart #Description
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16620-0SHAFT KIT
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16611PVT38 CONTROL KIT
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16602-0ROTARY GROUP
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16624-0PVT47 SEAL KIT
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-X23-04384-0P14S2R1C5A4B000A0M2-04384
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16686PV (K) COMPENSATOR
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16608-0CAM RING
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S2E-18460-5KSEAL KIT XL100 S5 ALL VARIATION
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16614PVT38 BIAS KIT
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16600PVT38 ROTATING GROUP - CW
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-18342REPAIR KIT
Denison HydraulicsDenison D-S29-16623SEAL KIT


Distributors are constantly looking for ways to add new value to their end-user relationships as well as growing new revenue for their business. One way fluid power distributors in particular can accomplish this is starting a Core Buy-Back Program for their end-users.What is a Core Buy-Back, and Why Should Distributors Offer It?A core buy-back is where an end-user’s surplus cores are sold back to a distributor, who then resells it to a remanufacturer. This creates...

3 Qualities to Look For When Choosing a Go-To Hydraulic Parts Supplier

Promises are easy to make, but hard to keep. The same is true for catchy slogans – they’re easy to give, but hard to live by. If you are allowed to choose which vendors you source from, look deeper than the promises and slogans before trusting one with your business. When selecting a hydraulic parts supplier, one who can be your “go-to” for any hydraulic part needs, there are at least 3 qualities to look for when making your selection. Quality #1: Speed For any...

Our People and Process Sets Us Apart

Promises are easy to make, but hard to keep. The same is true for slick slogans. Easy to give, hard to live by. Our pledges of on time, same-day shipments and high-quality products are rooted in our business culture, an ethic at Hydraulic Parts Source that imbues our staff with the necessary attributes to execute our efficient, quality conscious work processes. Dedicated employees are a big part of the equation. Our sleek, streamlined, high-performance process is...

Your Quote Request Has Been Sent

Your Quote Request Has Been Sent 3 We will contact you about your buyback within 1 business day. If this is urgent, please call us now at (888) 477-7278.   Return...

Why Are Remanufactured Parts Better Than Aftermarket?

Many businesses must decide between remanufactured OE specification exceeding products and aftermarket units. Some choose aftermarket parts to save on cost, but later regret the paying a reduced price for low quality. A flood of aftermarket suppliers has saturated the market based on this short-term thinking. OE is the opposite of the aftermarket. OE refers to parts with which a unit was originally built, while aftermarket refers to equipment made by another...